Loake ett anrikt brittiskt skomärke som sedan urminnestider har tillverkat herrskor av högsta kvalité. Läs mer »


Nordic Ruby day 2

Second day of Nordic Ruby and here’s a roundup of some talks I found interesting. Läs mer »


Nordic Ruby day 1

Nordic Ruby is a two day conference taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is the second annual year and my first. Läs mer »



This weekend was spent hacking in Berlin at Music Hack Day. The concept of the event is as follows: gather hackers with a passion for music and try building something during 24 consecutive hours. Brilliant if you ask me. Läs mer »


Toca Boca

Toca Boca är nystartad spelstudio med fokus främst på spel för barn. Läs mer »


Why Ruby makes my heart go Boom Boom

Today I held a presentation about a real passion of mine which is Ruby. The programing language. Läs mer »


My christmas gift to open source and why you should do the same

Everyday in both private and workwise matters I encounter and utilize open source solutions. These tools and solutions are made possible by a fantastic bunch of people. Since christmas is just around the corner I want to share the joy with a few of these people. Läs mer »


Beckers Group

Nyligen lanserades Beckers Group nya webbplats där jag har ansvarat all frontend-kod (HTML, CSS och JavaScript). Läs mer »


Updated SoundCloud API wrapper with OAuth 2.0 support

I’m glad to announce the release of version 2.0 of the SoundCloud PHP API wrapper. The wrapper got a complete overhaul including support for authentication using OAuth 2.0. Läs mer »


Stockholm Ruby User Group (#shrug) oktober 2010

Igår arrangerades årets tredje SHRUG (Stockholm Ruby User Group). För mig även den första jag besökte. Läs mer »